Based on eastern medicinal principles

Loosen and unwind tight muscles deep inside through a deep thorough massage.

Seitai therapy uses hands and fingers to stimulate the body’s vital points, regulating the flow of both energy and blood. Balance is reestablished as tight muscles are kneaded and spinal distortions are removed.


30 min
3240 yen
45 min
4950 yen
60 min
6600 yen
90 min
9900 yen
120 min
13200 yen
1100 yen)

An eastern medicinal practice with a history of over 3000 years in China, seitai uses hands and fingers to stimulate the body’s meridians – channels in the body that connect to vital points. This adjusts the flow of blood and energy while stabilizing the autonomic nerves. Balance and your body’s natural recuperative powers are drawn out through a steady and thorough rub that precisely targets the tight muscles which cause bodily stress. As this therapy is not forced, it is safe for children and the elderly.

Setai therapy is effective in treating: stiffness in the neck, shoulders and back; soreness, lower back pain, headaches, sensitivity to cold, tiredness, and stress.

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