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A favorite of professional athletes, our state of the art oxygen capsules offer a great way to reduce fatigue. These brand new, serial model 001 oxygen capsules were procured straight from the manufacturer. The body’s cells are revitalized by delivering pure, fresh oxygen to the entire body.


40 min
2420 yen
60 min
3630 yen
90 min
5445 yen
7260 yen
605 yen)

We use Medical Science Technology’s newly developed hard oxygen capsules. Developed by Shirou Yokosawa and Tokyo University’s professor Shigeo Kawada, these high pressure, highly concentrated oxygen capsules deliver an oxygen mixture almost twice (about 50% oxygen) the 20% found in the air we normally breathe.

Moreover, by raising the atmospheric pressure inside the capsule to 1.3 atmospheres (equivalent to an underwater depth of three meters), fresh oxygen can be distributed to capillaries throughout the body. Over one ton of oxygen is released inside the capsule.

Oxygen capsules are effective in treating fatigue, rehabilitating injuries, relieving hangovers, burning fat and reducing the effects of aging. Please be sure to try our high pressure, highly concentrated oxygen capsules at least once. Oxygen treatment will, if used jointly with one of our massages, have a synergizing effect on the body.

Our capsules release approximately 50% concentrated oxygen to counteract the amount of carbon dioxide released into the capsule.

(While we must breathe to live, breathing also stimulates the production of free radicals inside the body. Upon entering the capsule the production of free radicals immediately increases, but these free radicals will be removed by antibodies in the immune system shortly after finishing the treatment.) This is borne out by the research of Tokyo University’s Shigeo Kawada.
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Q.What is an oxygen capsule ?
A.It is an apparatus that allows our bodies to take in dissolution type oxygen quite different from the oxygen our bodies normally process.
Q.What are bound type oxygen and dissolution type oxygen ?
A.Bound type oxygen binds to the hemoglobin inside the blood whereupon it is delivered throughout the body. Dissolution type oxygen is readily absorbed by the blood, lymphatic and other bodily fluids. As such, there is no need for dissolution type oxygen to bind with hemoglobin. This means that dissolution type oxygen can be delivered to peripheral and cellular tissues which are not able to process hemoglobin.
Q.How is an oxygen capsule different from an oxygen bar ?
A.An oxygen bar is a facility which provides devices enabling the intake of oxygen. These devices deliver concentrated oxygen, but it is impossible for the body to intake any more oxygen than can be processed through hemoglobin. Because oxygen capsules are highly pressurized, they allow the body to intake more oxygen than would be possible if solely relying on hemoglobin for distribution. Therefore, both the amount and the quality of oxygen taken in by the body are strikingly different.


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