Health starts with the soles of the feet.

As the entire foot is stimulated – every nook and cranny – you begin to recover from fatigue. At the same time, your body’s natural self healing ability is elevated. Vital points in your body, concentrated in the foot and lower calf, are stimulated to encourage the release of bodily waste products. We recommend this treatment for those individuals suffering from edema and those with a hyper-sensitivity to cold.


40 min
5720 yen
60 min
8580 yen
80 min
11440 yen
(+10 min
1430 yen)

* Includes foot bath.



Shea butter and jojoba oil used

As these oils are applied directly to the skin, only natural products – no synthetics – are used.
This helps lessen keratin buildup on the sole of the foot, softening skin that is prone to callusing.



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