Aroma Oil Massage

Organic Oil

Aromatic oils relax the entire body, promote lymphatic health while at the same time enhancing beauty. Our oils are mixed to suit you individually, both physically and emotionally. Our approach emphasizes treating those places where you experience pain and discomfort.


70 min
90 min
12980 yen
16940 yen
20900 yen
23540 yen
1320 yen)

* Include a foot bath.
Time taken for counseling, foot bath etc. is not included in the time of your massage.

This method will remove the lymphatic fluid from your lymph glands.

Waste products within your body will be released which is effective in treating stiff shoulders and swelling. Essential oils, blended with jojoba and inhaled through your respiratory system, release their soothing effects on your brain. Other compounds, absorbed through the skin, work to strengthen your body as they synergize with our regenerative massage. Additionally, the essential oils work to calm symptoms associated with stress as well as normalize the hormonal secretions of the endocrine gland.

Jojoba Oil

Used to dilute the essential oils, jojoba oil can be safely used by those predisposed to allergies, infants, the elderly, and on all types of skin.

Strict Standards

  • Our organic oils are certified 100% pure and completely pesticide free.
  • Certified organic by the USDA* and the MOFGA**
  • There is no danger from high pressure or heat as our products are compressed at low temperature and packed with Vitamins A, D, E and other minerals. Furthermore, as all additives are unrefined, they should pose no worry to our customers.
*USDA *The U.S. Department of Agriculture certifies that all goods claimed to be grown organically truly are. These products may not contain pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and may not use genetically modified or irradiated additives. **MOFGA The MOFGA is an organization which promotes organic farming and environmental protection. As a case in point, even if you were to burn our jojoba oil products, there would be no worry of their recyclable container releasing dioxin. Moreover, these products are manufactured to ensure there is no compromise to their material properties, and they are kind to both the environment and man.

Characteristics of jojoba oil

The main ingredient of jojoba oil, the fatty acid found in alcoholic esters (liquid wax ester), is different from other vegetable oils and elemental compounds. Liquid wax esters closely resemble the sebaceous matter found in human beings. When applied it doesn’t block the skin’s pores. Rather, it is readily absorbed, quickly dissipating without leaving a feeling of stickiness. Due to an abundance of vitamin E, as jojoba oil is oxidized by the skin its anti-aging properties help to reduce wrinkles and blemishes. This revitalizes skin that lacks luster and even helps prevent stretch marks caused by pregnancy.

Jojoba oil limits the creation of lipids in people with oily constitutions, helps those suffering from dry skin by acting as a barrier to the production of sebum, and regulates the amount of sebaceous matter secreted and evaporated through the skin.

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